November 2018

November will feature “Grunge Infusion,” a four-person exhibition by Robert Cochran, Jan Flanigan, Richard Harrison, and Dennis Krug.

ArtHop reception: Thursday, November 1, 2018, 5:00-8:00pm

Grunge Pictorialism and ‘Grunge Fringe’  

Grunge Fringe is a loosely-affiliated conspiracy of like-minded individuals who came together after completion of a grunge workshop at Spectrum about 2 years ago. While their subject matter is decidedly individualistic their approach is firmly rooted in the tools and techniques of photographic grunge in the digital era, the latter placing them on the ‘fringe’ of stylistic choices of the majority of Spectrum’s membership. As the Group f/64 photography coalition of the 1930s brought their ambitions for “pure photography” to the west coast, Grunge Fringe likewise seeks today to reimagine the introduction of atmosphere into photography via contemporary digital alchemy. Since Grunge Pictorialism finds its jumping off point not in painting and drawing as did its predecessor but in the works of these early Pictorialist photographers themselves Grunge Pictorialism is a self-referential, closed loop within the photographic discipline.    

Jan Flanigan  

eyes wide open
Jan Flanigan - Eyes Wide Open

To search for the meaning behind my images, you must look very closely, and concentrate. You can spend five minutes at each image, and still never find the meaning. That is because there is no meaning. I am a deeply shallow artist who creates pieces simply to amuse myself and others.   

My passion for photography began at the age of 11 after receiving a hand-me-down camera from my father. I have been taking pictures ever since. My photography includes a variety of different styles including landscape, night shots and macro. My most unusual work consists of photographs containing dead flies as the subject against a background of hand drawn cartoons.  To see more, google Fly Town Comics. You won’t be disappointed.  

I continue to hone my skills by taking photography and graphic arts courses at Fresno City College. I am currently employed as the Events and Education Coordinator for Horn Photo.   

I became enamored with Grunge after taking a class from Richard Harrison three years ago.  There is no end to what type of images can be grunged. Thankfully.  

Dennis Krug

Dennis Krug - Grunge Cub

I began learning the art of photography five years ago when I took my first trip abroad, then quickly followed by taking several formal photography classes over the succeeding years.

With only the intent to make my work available for myself and others to enjoy, I hope this group of images may bring a smile of enjoyment or a nod of understanding.         

I don’t relish telling about or explaining myself to others and would prefer to remain an ‘enigma,’ but some have said that when attributed to me, the ‘g’ is silent.  

Richard Harrison  

The Time Machine
Richard Harrison - The Time Machine

Years ago, when I first saw the surreal works of William Mortensen and Jerry Uelsmann I was fascinated by the make-believe worlds they had painstakingly created. Of course, I tried my hand at creating similar effects. My results were much less impressive and failed to reach the level of impact I desired.

Fast forward to the digital age and Photoshop! It really wasn’t any easier learning manipulation processes in the digital darkroom. I did have more success, partly due to a higher skill level in photography and a more defined direction in what I wanted to create. However, it still took a whole lot of time to learn and perfect my technique. Thanks to the internet and the vast learning resources available, I was finally able to begin producing satisfactory results in my digital art images.

Most of the images I create are entirely my own photography. I must confess, however, that I did resort to “grabbing” an owl and a couple of crows from a stock agency due to sheer laziness! What began as a catch-as-catch-can process has evolved into one which frequently relies upon a great deal of preparation and preplanning.

Usually, any story or meaning my images convey may or may not be my intent. Instead, I leave it to the viewer to arrive at their own interpretation. I can tell you the beginning, but only you can interpret the end.  

Robert Cochran  

No Fly Zone
Robert Cochran - No Fly Zone

I believe the best of my works ask far more questions than they answer. While my more recent efforts are now often stylized within thematic narratives I have always skewed toward a conceptual bent in order to encourage dialog of the larger issues they underpin. I have been and will likely continue to be known for occasionally launching assaults on icons and norms when it serves to stimulate considered discussion and I enjoy nothing more than exposing spuriosities and unravelling stereotypes, often in my own self-deprecating style, all the while working to maintain a high aesthetic. If any of my work serves to promote dialogue I consider it a successful piece, and if it can do so while simultaneously delivering an infectious dose of irony then Viva La Revolución!…or is that Viva Las Vegas? Always read my image titles.