November 2017

Altered Vision

Art Hop Reception: Thursday, November 2, 2017 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

My passion for photography started when I was in primary school with a film camera that was passed on to me from my cousin. I began taking pictures of my families, friends, and school events with no clue as to aesthetics or composition. I received some compliments about my photographs, and people requested copies of those pictures from time to time. So, I decided to take a photography class as my elective during college to learn the basic fundamentals and how cameras worked. I did quite well and got picked for the annual student show. The camera is a great tool for me because it's hundred times better than my drawing, and I get to capture what I see. Wherever I went I had my camera with me, and if I got to take photos, I couldn't wait to see what I shot that day. I took some art and design classes and learned principals of design and composition, which I could apply to my photography. It was not easy to do that through a tiny viewfinder, and especially with film that took time to develop. When digital cameras came out it was easier to practice with shooting and seeing it on the monitor right away. After the initial class I continued with more photography classes at Fresno City College, since there were a lot more techniques and skills I wanted to learn. I wanted to be a fine arts photographer, and I strived to make photographs as close as possible to what I shot with the least manipulation. Printing my own images was so important to me, because I think nobody knows your work better than yourself. I still consider myself an amateur photographer, always learning, and will keep practicing with love and dedication to get better at the craft.


Pin Hole Leaves

Hazy Yosemite

In The Woods

Pine #2