January 2017

New Members Exhibition

ArtHop Reception:

Thursday. January 5, 2017
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Spectrum Art Gallery is proud to introduce some of our newest members in the biennial, New Members' Exhibition. Nine of our members who joined us within the last two years will be featured during the month of January - Wyatt Brooks, David Hunter, Mikko Kangas, John Moses, Gail Overstreet, Newton Seiden, Daranee Soonthornswad, Geoff Stone, and Dave Youngs. A wonderful variety of styles and motifs will be on display. The opening on ArtHop, January 5th will be a wonderful opportunity to give a warm welcome to some of our newest members and to view their work.

David Hunter

David is a former photojournalist turned landscape photographer. He is past Vice-President of the Fresno Camera Club and has also worked as a photographer for the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and California Department of Fish and Wildlife. David's work has won state wide awards and has been featured in several California publications. When not photographing David works as an elementary teacher for Fresno Unified.

Dave Hunter - Circle of Life

Mikko Kangas

Mikko Kangas was born and raised in Fresno County. After graduating California State University Fresno in 2004 he took his first assignment working in finance in Antelope Valley. While adventuring around the California high desert he soon realized he wanted to capture the vast desert landscapes he was experiencing. He purchased his first camera, a Nikon 6 D70 and began his journey. In 2007 he moved back to Fresno County where he began to photograph Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Death Valley, California Central Coast and Downtown Fresno. In 2011 Mikko decided to put the camera down and take a break from photography and try some new adventures in life. In late 2014 he woke one morning with the sudden urge to capture a vision he once had, he geared up and headed back into nature. He is currently photographing heavily in the California Central Coast with a strong focus on capturing the mystical Big Sur region.

Mikko Kangas - Inycoca

John Moses

John Moses has taught writing, literature, and film studies for over 35 years. He is head of the Film Program at Fresno City College and a founding member of the non-profit film society Fresno Filmworks, serving as its President and Program Director before moving to its Advisory Board as President Emeritus. In his teens, with his father's help, he built his own darkroom, then furthered his passion for photography as an undergraduate. While much of his professional life has focused on image studies-teaching his students to "read" the mise-en-scène and cinematography of motion pictures-he has only recently returned to making images himself, joining the Spectrum Gallery in 2014. Moses draws inspiration from visual and literary arts. But what he most enjoys is rambling through natural settings with camera in hand.

John Moses - Stockholm Cathedral

Gail OverStreet

From the ancient Greek, Chronos was chronological time, calendar and clock time. Kairos, in contrast, was in-between time - the time when something special happens.

It is these in-between times that I seek to show in my work. This requires a willingness to wait for the "something special" to show itself. In a world that trends toward props, posturing, oversharing, and other manifestations of the "more is more" mindset - I aspire to the opposite: simply bearing witness and showing to others quiet, unexpected moments where beauty and insight live.

Gail Overstreet - Koi

Newton Seiden

Newton Seiden has been a photographer since 2006, His love of travel combined with an expansive range of subject interests, including landscape, wildlife, portraiture and iPhonography, continue to fuel his visual passion. As a recovering Nikon heavyweight shooter, his shoulders take great delight in his recent conversion to the Fuji mirrorless system. Newton is presently the photographic curator for exhibitions at the Riverview Ranch House at the San Joaquin River Parkway. You may view his work at http://www.nseiden.com

Dave Youngs

Dave Youngs - Nautilus Ram

Daranee Soonthornswad

Daranee Soonthornswad - Kmer 1055

Geoff Stone

Geoff Stone is an engineer by day and astrophotographer by night. He uses both sides of his brain to produce colorful space images, discovering ways to trick his camera software into producing clear images of astral objects millions of light-years away. His photographic work has been exhibited nationally.