February 2017

Service in Africa

Rich Berrett

My interest in photography stems from my desire to connect with both people and nature. The beauty of fall colors in the Sierras, sunset over an ocean wave, or a moonrise over Yosemite's Half Dome call me to capture the images with my camera. Human behavior and architecture that comes from their creativity are equally compelling. My hope is that the images I capture will engage the viewer so that reflection and inspiration result.

Rich Berrett - Enthusiasm

Show Theme: "Service in Africa" documents the experiences of California State University students and faculty in a small village elementary school in the foot hills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. In addition, the beauty of Tanzania Africa, it's people, landscape and animals are included.

Rich Berrett - The Village School

As a boy my mother introduced me to what I would later learn is the "photographer's eye." She was aware of her surroundings and repeatedly drew my attention to things such as a cloud against a blue sky, a cluster of fall color on a mountainside, and a unique person walking down the street.

Rich Berrett - Jump

She loved people and nature and instilled in me a desire to search for and capture images that are beautiful and/or unique in color, form, texture, composition, light and shadow.

Rich Berrett - Stripes Sees All

These early experiences deeply influence my work. I am a seeker of that which captivates and invites reflection. With camera in hand, I search for the beauty that surrounds us. I look for people in candid situations when an experience captures the person's full attention and their body posture and facial expression tell a unique story. I also seek to document the beautiful diversity of nature. My hope is that the images I capture will engage the viewer so that reflection and inspiration result. My fine art photography is displayed in private homes, medical and dental offices, state and federal courthouses, and local hospitals.

Fog as Subject

Jim Curnyn

Artist Statement

Jim Curnyn is a Fresno, California based fine art photographer whose work encompasses cityscapes, farm scenes, architecture, railroad environment, Fresno historical landmarks, France, and the Washington DC area. Jim is locally well known for his photography of subjects made in dense fog. In this photography exhibit Jim uses fog as a secondary subject against the Fresno area landscape to add a serene or mysterious mood to locations that are familiar to most Fresno area residents.

Jim Curnyn - Phantom Pedestrian - Fresno


The photographic seed was planted in photographer Jim Curnyn at age twelve. While watching "The Bob Cummings Show" (the TV story of a photographer) in 1957 he was so impressed when during the opening credits to the show a blank sheet of photographic paper was placed into a tray of developer and an image appeared. He turned to his father and said "I have to do that". The next Christmas he received a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera, contact printer, film tank, and chemicals and was taught to develop film and contact print.

Jim Curnyn - Man in Fog - Calwa

Photography interest soon went dormant due to all the activities of life unfolding: education, military duty, career, raising a family. However, deeply buried in him was the seed of photography which sprouted later in life. At age 48 he started his formal education of photography at Fresno City College and joined Spectrum Art Gallery. He involved himself with board of director duties and organized group photographic exhibitions in a traveling show venue. Taking the art works of Spectrum Art Gallery members out into the public to promote photography as an art form, exhibits included Fresno City Hall, Fresno Art Museum, Merced Multicultural Museum, Tulare Art Museum, Saroyan Theater, Borders Bookstore, Barns & Noble Bookstore, Bank of America, and an ongoing exhibition space at the Fresno County Fair.

Jim Curnyn - Barn on Highway 43 - Hanford