March 2017

Women's Work

Art Hop Reception: Thursday, March 2, 2017 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Friday Photography Live: The Feminine Eye: Women and Photography Friday, March 17, 2017 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The presentations will feature The Feminine Eye: Women and Photography, with focus on women in the history of photography, the women photographers of our show, as well as the future of photography:

Rebecca Caraveo: Women and the History of Photography
Emily Redondo: Women of the Gallery
Carolyn De Anda (Guest Speaker): Women's Role in the Future of Photography.

Closing Reception: Sunday, April 2, 2017 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

In celebration of Women's History Month, March 2017, Spectrum Art Gallery is featuring a photographic exhibition that includes the works of sixteen uniquely creative women, all members of the gallery. The show highlights a colorful variety of content, concept and media using the camera as the foundation. Included in the exhibit are ethereal landscapes, portraits of women weary from a lifetime of hard labor, and embellished silk screen images on fabric based on portraits of Frida Kahlo. The exhibit also includes a collage of photographs mounted on a full size wooden door, backyard birds framed with a six-panel window frame as well as intimate portraits of a human eye.

All artists expressed themselves "through the lens", revealing their loves, their lives, their passions, their travels, their secrets, and their feelings about bygone eras.

The following photographers are part of the exhibit:

Mahin Alibabaei

I have studied Visual Art and Photography and also experienced teaching for twenty-two years. In the last couple of years I have been focusing on landscape photography. Photography to me is a way to express myself, and an opportunity to show the world the small beauties and glamor of life that they sometimes overlook. Currently, I'm interested in the Alternative Photographic Media by transferring my photo to a new surface such as wood, glass, metal, which is fun and creative.

Rebecca Caraveo

I'm a long time Spectrum member who loves her iPhone images. Being a photographic artist has been a wonderful inspiration in my life, leading me to open my own tour company for France travel, and eventually following in my mentor's footsteps as a photography teacher.

Songbird Cline

Everyone says that I find beauty in the most common, overlooked, and unappreciated things. My goal is to capture more than just "image"; to invoke a mood or feeling in the viewer. A sense of "being there" is what I strive to do.

I love to chronicle my world; the beauty that is only a few feet from my front door. I am fascinated with leaves; their shapes and colors, their life cycle. My "Women's Work" entry for the March exhibit "falling off at maturity" is a metaphor for life in general. It is my hope that my images will instill a connection or deepen the appreciation the viewer has with the everyday beauty that surrounds them.

Melinda Downing

I'm a digital photographer shooting a broad and diverse range of sources including churches, museums, abandoned buildings and portraiture. With a foundation in traditional darkroom photography, I have always been drawn to the process of exploration after the image capture. These processes include collage, hand coloring and encaustic photography.

Zana Frownfelter

I love to take photos. When I travel, I have the opportunity to see many new things and to make many discoveries. So, I end up shooting lots of pictures, some significant, and, others not so much so. Shoes on the Danube is the result of travel and a bit of research before my trip.

Jennifer Franklin

Photography has been an interest of mine virtually all of my life. I love to travel and capture images of what I've seen and experienced in order to preserve my memories and share them with others. We live in a beautiful world, and that is what I try to focus on.

Franka Gabler

The mood in my photographs evokes emotions, enabling viewers to sense tranquility and calmness of dawn and experience a moment in time. Mist and fog allow for motivating compositions and interpretations, leaving distracting elements out and leaving only the essence. They help to isolate myself from larger surroundings, allowing me to feel, focus, and connect with a subject.

Helen Gigliotti

A striking observation from my travels to many thirdworld countries is the extreme toll taken on women's lives by the cultural demands of their male-dominated society. Women in these societies routinely bear sole responsibility for the countless day-to-day household maintenance activities. No wonder that my exhibit is entitled "We Are Weary".

Donna Hopson

I call these pieces Future Relics. I've tried to give them a feeling of religiosity by using various decorative elements along with machine and hand sewing. These two are part of a series using my Frida Kahlo doll as my portable, cooperative and inexpensive model. My choice of Frida furthers her once obscure life and image to one that is recognized worldwide.

Jane F. Kardashian

As a photographer holding a certificate in fine art photography, I wanted to create a unique work of art blending old with new techniques printed on a medium that has visual versatility and is very archival. Such are my platinum palladium prints on vellum.. Each of these prints was conceived by shooting the scene with a digital camera, fabricating a digital negative in Photoshop, and subsequently developing it with precious metals in a traditional wet darkroom. Being translucent, the vellum prints take on the luminosity and color of the material placed behind them so the same image with different backings can evoke various moods.

Maxine Olson

In the portraits, murals, narratives, and composites of human interaction, my art is an ongoing story about what it is to be human, and an attempt to question and reconcile those absolute and contradictory forces that have governed my life as a woman. People's attitudes, biases, prejudices, what they do, the way they look, act and feel, both culturally, spiritually, and sexually, have provided the inspiration, content and motivation to make art.

Emily Redondo

I am a student at Fresno State pursuing a B.A. in Art. I express my emotions and viewpoints as well as capturing the beauty of our world. My piece in this exhibition is a collage of silver gelatin photographs. It is a reflection on the journey from childhood indoctrination of societal norms to finding self during adolescence.

Joan Sharma

"Through My Eyes", a mixed-media, wall mounted piece offers viewers an opportunity to reflect upon the intersection of the personal and universal. Joan Sharma, a professor at Fresno State, has an insatiable curiosity that has led to extensive travel. India's history, culture and philosophies continue to fascinate her and inform her work.

Daranee Soonthornswad

Challenging of composition... Challenging of interpretation... Challenging of presentation... Challenging of communication...

This is the recipe for creating my works. I don't know if I got them all, but I'm sure that I put some spirit in my art works, to share my point of view, my experience, my memories, and to show Women's Work.

Sally Stallings

There is subtle beauty in the everyday that so often goes unnoticed... light through a curtained window, hanging whites on a summer clothesline, or sunlight cast upon dishes in our kitchen sink. For me, quiet scenes from daily life are timeless and make each day just that much sweeter always offering a deeper meaning. Many of my photographs are captured from the unexpected around our 1922 home.

Sue Thorson

My fondness for birds, alternative types of photography, and memories of spending many youthful sick days in bed reading, has led me to create "The Birds of Windowpane", a stylized image illustrating my version of Stevenson's "The Land of Counterpane".