September 2017

Art Hop Reception: Thursday, Sept 7, 2017 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Artists' Reception
Sunday September 10, 2017 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Birds Eye View

Lyssa Bird

My name is Lyssa Bird. I began studying photography in 1999 as merely a prerequisite to completing my AA in General Studies, but discovered a real love for the art form. It is now 2017, and I have my Masters of Art in Photography, and a Bachelors of Art in Printmaking. Photography has given me the ability to express myself in a way printmaking, drawing and painting has not.

A Chair An Umbrella A Stove

Ten years ago I wrote, "I receive the greatest pleasure in photography when I am able to successfully translate a three-dimensional subject matter onto a two-dimensional media." This still holds true today.

Window with a View II

The images in this series were taken on a Spectrum Gallery Group Trip in October of 2016 to Bodie National Park. It was the first time in nearly four years that I had picked up my camera to photograph anything. I had no preconceived notions of what or how I would capture images with my camera that day. I merely allowed my environment, equipment, skill and knowledge to lead me where it may.

This is Not a Lake

All the images in this exhibit were taken without a tripod (even in the darkest of buildings). The only light came from windows and an occasional fill flash.

Bird Flew the Coop

These images express a true love of my craft and taking them took me back to when I first started shooting. The raw gut instinct of capturing images without thinking and allowing that instinct to guide my path. I hope you enjoy these images, as much as I enjoyed capturing them.


Richard Mann

Our Lady of Solitude, Soledad, CA

My interest in photography took off in my young life when a generous aunt gave me a camera, a Yashica Mat, a twin lens reflex or TLR, for Christmas. Many, many years and many different cameras l later, I acquired another twin lens reflex, and Mamiya C330. I still use that camera today, along with Canon 35mm cameras and lenses. Thus, my journey in photography has come full circle. Some of the highlights have included a six-week solo trip to southern Europe in May of 1988. Using a Pentax 6x7 equipped with a couple of lenses and a tripod, I took photographs from Lisbon to Rome. Though a challenge physically (it was a heavy pack) and a bust financially, the trip, my first to Europe, was thoroughly enjoyable!

Portal - Bodie

Through the years, I've had the privilege of photographing many weddings and model portfolios. The Freelance Photographers Guild in New York City sold some of my stock photos and the Wilkes Art Gallery on Long Island exhibited many of my creative images. Courses at NYU, the New School and a seminar in advertising photography have enriched my knowledge of photography and my love for the medium.

Carmel Mission, Courtyard

Since moving to Fresno in 2002, I've been into photographing the grand landscapes and historical sites of California, like Bodie, Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe and the original Franciscan missions. Also, a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2014 resulted in some interesting images. In the photographic arts, there's always something new to learn and I've learned a great deal from my fellow photographic artists at Spectrum.

Santa Inez Mission, Solvang

Of course, technological advances have brought many changes to the photographic arts. My work has changed accordingly. For instance, all of the editing for this show has been done digitally. Most, but not all, of the images have been printed digitally. However, several things have not changed. One is my love of film, itself, as a photographic medium. Thus, every original image in this show has first been recorded on film, either black & white or color. I believe that film has a certain "look" which is difficult to reproduce digitally. Another thing which hasn't changed is my desire to create striking, graphic images. I hope that you enjoy this exhibit of my work, as much as I have enjoyed my photographic journey through life.

While it is always interesting for an "art" photographer to look back on his work, most of the photographs in my exhibit are of California scenes. The theme is spirit and most of the photos deal with the transcendent, whether that be Mission churches, founded over 200 years ago, the old Buddhist Temple here in Fresno, or the Wrigley Memorial, created in 1937. The town of Bodie has a spirit also, as well as Fresno. So it is the spiritual in California in the wide sense that these photographs attempt to deal with. I hope you come and see and enjoy my humble offerings.